An Anthro Christmas

When I walked into Anthropologie the other day I almost died. They have the most amazing gifting accessories for Christmas. In some cases the presentation might make up for the gift itself. Impress anyone you give a gift to this year with cute tags, bow, and paper. 




Buying + Under the Influence

(not really wine)

Call it what you’d like, sipping and clicking, BUI-buying under the influence. It may seam like harmless fun but turns out that drunk shopping happens more often than not and chances are many of your girlfriends have done it too! The great thing about shopping online is you can do it at any time.

I like to grab a glass of wine and lounge on the couch with some of my favorite trashy tv shows, Real Housewives New Jersey being one, and browse during commercials. I have always liked shopping online but have found it more gratifying to receive packages a few days later with my purchase.I don’t have to deal with parking or rude sales people. Shopping online has a higher inventory so they are more likely to have your size, color and preference. I get it, sometimes you need something the day of, but if you can click, purchase, and wait it so much more fun. One tip I like to offer is shop online at stores that offer both free shipping and returning. Another great thing about shopping online is a lot of sites don’t charge sales tax, which if you live in Chicago, IL or Aventura, FL that can be a hefty price. If you are anything like me I love to save on everything!!

Here’s a list of stores that offer FREE shipping and returns…

Beauty products: (over $50 shipping)

Women’s apparel :



Do you sometime buy under the influence?

Use the HALT method: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired