turning iphone pictures into real polaroids

Crazy right? This. Is. Genius.

have you heard about the impossible projects new idea?

I was so sad when polaroid announced they weren’t making polaroid film anymore. I have literally hundreds of polaroids from all my years of modeling. The clients use to take pictures of you at fittings for shows and then post them on your rack so your dresser knew what you were suppose to be wearing with each look. Also when photographers were testing light especially before the industry went digital they would shoot with the polaroid camera. The fashion world literally had a conniption but shortly everyone was over it.

I stocked up on as much film as I could when the announcement was made and placed it in my refrigerator (helps preserve is, but you don’t need to know that since it doesn’t exist anymore) well it does exist but its reallly expensive.



What are your memories or thoughts on this? Shake it, shake it, shake it… la la da de da