Baby’s 1st Christmas


Well it was our first Christmas with a baby. And we racked our brains on what to buy Lucca for Christmas. Frank wanted to get him a go cart. No seriously. We literally fought back and forth over it for weeks. I’m not against it ever, but thought it would be better for him to receive big gifts like that when the time is right. For now I want to enjoy every moment and not speed anything up.

Santa brought him some stuffed animals, a chevron print gray and white blanket and a monogram chair. Grandma got him a Radio Flyer wagon and I bought him some clothes new clothes since he is quickly outgrowing everything. My dad joined us after Christmas and happened to get Lucca a Radio Flyer rocking horse.





Some Christmas instagrams



An Anthro Christmas

When I walked into Anthropologie the other day I almost died. They have the most amazing gifting accessories for Christmas. In some cases the presentation might make up for the gift itself. Impress anyone you give a gift to this year with cute tags, bow, and paper. 




Zig zags were made famous by Missoni. Now you will find them everywhere. Pillows, mirrors, even furniture.
I absolutely loved when Mary McDonald from Million Dollar Decorators redesigned an office for one of her clients turning it into a statement… complete with horizontal stripe curtains and a bold zig-zag patterned floor.

It can be quite expensive and if your afraid to take that risk off painting the floor try to find a large area rug you could use in place of paint. I recently found area rugs at West Elm which could cover the majority of the floor.