DIY Valentines card

This super sweet Valentine’s Day DIY card tops any you could buy. It is a perfect memory keepsake of my little guys hands, plus it’s inexpensive and easy to make which is perfect for busy Mommas. I mean, who wouldn’t be completely smitten with this DIY card?!? We made these for everyone in my family and it was a huge hit! Let me show you how easy this card is to make…


Supplies Needed:

1 sheet of red poster paper
1 sheet of white poster paper
Invisible tape
Black Marker
Sheet of Stickers for decoration (but can use markers, crayons, glitter, etc. to adorn your card)

I traced Lucca’s hand and made a pattern. Then used that to trace red construction paper. Then we glue the hands on either end of a white strip of paper. Write whatever you wish.

Happy Valentine’s Day