DIY Valentines card

This super sweet Valentine’s Day DIY card tops any you could buy. It is a perfect memory keepsake of my little guys hands, plus it’s inexpensive and easy to make which is perfect for busy Mommas. I mean, who wouldn’t be completely smitten with this DIY card?!? We made these for everyone in my family and it was a huge hit! Let me show you how easy this card is to make…


Supplies Needed:

1 sheet of red poster paper
1 sheet of white poster paper
Invisible tape
Black Marker
Sheet of Stickers for decoration (but can use markers, crayons, glitter, etc. to adorn your card)

I traced Lucca’s hand and made a pattern. Then used that to trace red construction paper. Then we glue the hands on either end of a white strip of paper. Write whatever you wish.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Cowboys + Indians

We went to my friends sons 1st birthday last weekend. She always throws great themed parties. Before kids she would throw an annual Halloween party at night. Now the themed parties continue for the children’s birthdays. One of our favorite holidays are halloween. We had such a blast at Mikey’s 1st birthday, Cowboys & Indians. There were pony rides, tee pee’s, petting zoo, bounce houses and cotton candy. IMG_5823.JPG










Pumpkin Patch Fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year. For us it means less humidity and opening up our windows to let that fresh air in. This year we went to a different pumpkin patch, flamingo gardens nursery. They had hayrides, Mater from the movie Cars, Herbie, and some darn good BBQ. I carved a pumpkin for Lucca and tomorrow I’m going to let him carve his very own mini pumpkin



Lucca found a pumpkin that was a little banged up and told me “pumpin boo boo”






^^ The corn maze ^^

Lucca literally ran through the maze laughing the whole time.





Remodeling a bathroom {diy on a budget}

One of the things I love about our home is it was built in the 50’s but the one thing I could leave in the past was our bathroom. We all know the Pepto Bismol bathroom from the 50’s, pink sinks, pink bathrooms, and weird color combo tiles like our black and pink trim tiled wall. We wanted to revamp our bathroom but wanted to do a more affordable approach for now since we have plans of expanding onto the house one day.


So we found a way to do it with having to demo the whole entire bathroom. Instead of gutting and ripping out the tile and buying a new bathtub we decided our best bet was to paint the tile and tub white. All you have to do is prep the tile by sanding it with 120 grade sandpaper. Once the tiles are prepped, begin with an epoxy or urethane bonding prime.




And I must say its much brighter in there now too!



imageOh and this rain shower head by Waterpik has got to be the best part to the whole reno!!!!imageI am more than thrilled with how it turned out.


life lately, according to instagram

It was my birthday Monday and I spent a very quiet one at that. There was no better place that I would have rather been.

4th of July at The Heath’s house
Lucca with Aunt Leslie, or as she said she would like to be call, auntie. Auntie? what are you British? Auunnntttt-eeeee lol
peacefully sleeping
Gus is super curious where this little guy came from. He has been great with the baby. Now if he could only help with feedings and diaper changes I would say he is the BEST dog.
Jessica meeting Lucca for the first time
Lucca with my Dad.
Beautiful flowers from Frank after I delivered Lucca
Natalee looking on and Amadeus, surprisingly not jealous!


Couldn’t agree more with this posting. I am always trying to explain yoga to people. I suggest try it! I have been practicing for 4 years and it literally has saved my life.

7-11 Slurpee Summer Lineup

I was just watching Brian Williams Nightly News and a story came on about 7-11’s new summer Slurpee lineup. Yes, I said line up. Here it is:

  • May    Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Mango
  • June   Slurpee:  Fanta: Watermelon Lime
  • July   Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana   Slurpee: Fanta Lemon Creme
  • August   Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade   Slurpee:  Fanta Orange Xplosion
So we ran out and got ourselves one

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