Tips on using Vine App


Last week Twitter launched its app Vine. Its very similar to Instagram, but with video instead. Many of the Insta-grammers I follow made accounts. @LSpace swim, @Hello Apparel, @targetdoesitagain, and @Taza to name a few. I joined today and I have to say I like it. 

When creating your Vine video hold your finger down on the screen. As long as your finger is touching the screen it is recording.   It only allows you a 6 sec video clip so when I tried to make a video I ran out of time. I think the most successful videos are ones that are shot using a bunch of 1/100 sec clips. Think about it, if you want a bunch of content in your video you have to make each snippet quick and short.

Here are some tips other tips that helped me when using Vine.

Share your first post with the hashtag #firstpost this is the initiation post–everyone’s still getting the hang of 6 second video, and it’s fun to see who is joining.

Display Name. Keep your name the same as your Instagram account that way people have an easier time finding you!

Use Vine’s hashtags to make your posts more visible–and share your videos right away. On the explore page, Vine has a list of hashtags it automatically takes you to–these are the videos that are more likely to be seen.

Tap on a video to pause it. This is a quicker way to mute the sound oar stop content from playing.

Sound When recording make sure you are somewhere quiet or have something on in the background that compliments your video. 

You can find me at @Lauren Benoit

Happy Vining!!




happy new year

We woke up today and decided to drive down to The Keys before Frank goes back to work and look at some properties. We obviously made a pit stop at my dads. It was a nice day trip. The weather could not have been any prettier. My brother joined us for lunch at Snook’s and then we headed straight to Ballyhoo’s for deep fried Oreos. I did not partake in those however I did dive into the nest carrot cake I. Have. Ever. Had.
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An Anthro Christmas

When I walked into Anthropologie the other day I almost died. They have the most amazing gifting accessories for Christmas. In some cases the presentation might make up for the gift itself. Impress anyone you give a gift to this year with cute tags, bow, and paper. 



Summer Is Here!!



“it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!” 
― Kenny Chesney


Babymoon Orlando

With 12 weeks to go until the little one is here we woke up Friday morning and decided lets go to Orlando and visit some theme parks. Didn’t go on any roller coasters but went on my favorites; The Haunted House & Pirates of the Caribbean. It was fun walking around the parks, great exercise but I’m sore. I had never been to Epcot so that’s def one park we checked out. It was cool all the different shops in the different countries. I loved Japan the most. They sold mochi and all the Japanese candies. Frank had sake which I cannot wait till I can have some again.




The belly got in the way. I dripped my ice cream all down the front of my shirt.





HGTV was at Epcot or the whole month. They had the most gorgeous flowers all over park. Above is a picture of a chair they made from a garden hose.


Buying + Under the Influence

(not really wine)

Call it what you’d like, sipping and clicking, BUI-buying under the influence. It may seam like harmless fun but turns out that drunk shopping happens more often than not and chances are many of your girlfriends have done it too! The great thing about shopping online is you can do it at any time.

I like to grab a glass of wine and lounge on the couch with some of my favorite trashy tv shows, Real Housewives New Jersey being one, and browse during commercials. I have always liked shopping online but have found it more gratifying to receive packages a few days later with my purchase.I don’t have to deal with parking or rude sales people. Shopping online has a higher inventory so they are more likely to have your size, color and preference. I get it, sometimes you need something the day of, but if you can click, purchase, and wait it so much more fun. One tip I like to offer is shop online at stores that offer both free shipping and returning. Another great thing about shopping online is a lot of sites don’t charge sales tax, which if you live in Chicago, IL or Aventura, FL that can be a hefty price. If you are anything like me I love to save on everything!!

Here’s a list of stores that offer FREE shipping and returns…

Beauty products: (over $50 shipping)

Women’s apparel :



Do you sometime buy under the influence?

Use the HALT method: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired


Zig zags were made famous by Missoni. Now you will find them everywhere. Pillows, mirrors, even furniture.
I absolutely loved when Mary McDonald from Million Dollar Decorators redesigned an office for one of her clients turning it into a statement… complete with horizontal stripe curtains and a bold zig-zag patterned floor.

It can be quite expensive and if your afraid to take that risk off painting the floor try to find a large area rug you could use in place of paint. I recently found area rugs at West Elm which could cover the majority of the floor.