Glitter champagne bottles

I made these sparkly champagne bottles for my sisters bridal shower. I wanted to use them as a focal point on the bar as well as drink them too.

To get started.  I soaked all my bottles in water overnight in a cooler, this is so it would be easier to peel off the labels.  You want a smooth surface to work with. I had a little trouble with the sticky glue not coming off of the bottles so I used Goof off ( you can get this at any home improvement store)

After I peeled of my labels I spayed some of remover onto the bottle and was able to rid it of all paper and glue.

imageNow it’s time to apply the Mod Podge. Try to put in a thick coat and avoid too much streaks. After apply this at the base sprinkle on your glitter color of choice. I made a few of my first bottles gold but then decided I wanted them to be more rose gold.  So I added some pink glitter in with the gold and mixed it around evenly before sprinkling onto my bottle.  Do this over a piece of cardboard. That way any excess you just put back into your prepaid container and can reuse. The reason for this is you don’t want to have to make a new mixture because you won’t get the same exact color as the first batch. TRUST ME. I TRIED IT AND MADE A SORT OF OMBRÉ BOTTLE THAT WASNT REALLY OMBRÉ.

While it’s drying if you see any imperfections you can go over it by litghly tapping your finger and then take a dab of Mod Podge onto the affected area and sprinkle more glitter.  Don’t get disappointed. The bottles don’t have to be perfect.

Oh and if you don’t mind covering your whole body in glitter don’t do on a windy day.







A Trip to Disney World



So we did! Our first Disney trip. Braving the Magic Kingdom with a toddler might sound stressful, tricky and overwhelming but if you are prepared it can be worth your while.

I decided to pack Lucca’s suitcase a week early one day when he was taking a nap. I did not want to forget anything and be stressed thinking about the dreaded packing. I mean who seriously enjoys packing or unpacking? I planned for shirts and shorts to be ruined throughtout the day and packed 3 shirts per day we were going to be there (a morning shirt, an after lunch; taking a nap in stroller shirt and dinner shirt). Also I brought a baggy full of OxyClean ( any moms lifesaver secret stain fighter) that way I could soak any of the clothing he get dirty from lollipops to chocolate. For us we were able to overpack since we are only a few hours away form Disney World.

Since it was his very first Disney trip and he probably will not have a memory of it my goal was to capture so beautiful, candid moments seen through the eyes of a toddler. I brought my professional camera and snapped away. I also used my iphone as well. I packed a backpack with empty tupperware so if he had leftover food and snacks we bought at the park we could pack them up and save for later in the day. Most people do not want to bring their own personal stroller, however we did. Lucca loves his stroller to take naps in it. It reclines and has a UV shade.  It was the best decision we made. I have a huge storage basket underneath so I wasn’t stuck carrying around diapers, camera, souvenirs and all the other odds and ends we gathered throughout the day. We went with my in-laws so there was always someone with the stroller at all times.

The first thing we bought was a huge Mylar Mickey Mouse balloon. Lucca gave the lady the money and she handed him his balloon.


buying his balloon

Our first ride was Dumbo. The wait wasn’t long at all. There is a gathering area inside the circus tent where kids can play before getting on the ride. Nice way to pass some time. When we got on the ride Lucca had no reaction. I had no idea what he was thinking. the ride began and our control button wasn’t working. So we were not able to bring our Dumbo lower to the ground. Then all of a sudden it lifted all the way up. Of course that scared him and he started crying. I was a little nervous because he was squirming and even though we were seat belted and he was on my lap the fear of the unknown with your child is scary. After we were done I asked him for a high-five and he gave me several. In my book that means he was ok and happy he did it and it was over. Daddy bought him a Dumbo popcorn holder afterwards and said ” here’s a souvenir, you survived Dumbo!’

circus play

dumboridedumbo popcorn

It was on to “It’s a Small World” and the line was short. Lucca fell asleep right before boarding the boat but we decided to go on it anyways. immediately after we grabbed our stroller and he took a 2 hour nap. So this was my time to go grab his Mickey ears and have them embroidered.


When he woke from his nap we took him on “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Again I wasn’t sure how this would go over. He loves boats so I kept saying we are going on a boat. However the ride is dark and the unknown is scary to a kid. He held me tight and wrapped his arms around my neck. Surprisingly the roller coaster drop didn’t scare him. Towards the end of the ride he loosened up. He got to see the boats, and dogs, and the burning street fire. As we were getting off he kept repeating “allllll done! allll done!” “bye bye” and waved. And then our day was done. That’s all Lucca, mommy and daddy could take.

The following day we did Epcot. This was a very relaxing day. We took our time and camped out in different cities. I laid out our blanket and we would just sit and eat snacks and drink and Lucca would run around looking at the ducks and flowers. HGTV put on a beautiful display of flowers all around the park.

On our last park day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. All we did here was stalk all the characters and get pictures with them. Lucca gave them all high-fives and blew them kisses. he was really excited to meet Mickey and Buzz Lightyear.

It was so fun to live through the eyes of my child and brought back so many memories of when I went to Disney World as a kid. I use to love riding Splash Mountain and The Haunted House but this trip we stuck to Its A Small World, the Teacups, Dumbo and stalking Mickey and all the characters for photos. Don’t expect to ride every ride you planned on. Enjoy as much as you can and be grateful for that.


imagedumbo rideballoon

sleepy buzzlightyearimagesuperman


The Bachlorette winner


It was surprise aftter surprise. This seasons Bachlorette has been on the worlds largest roller coaster all season. A season marred by controversy after another all came down to tonight.

Ashley’s concern with JP was if he would start a new life with her. Not just to fit into each other’s lives but  to build one together.  JP didn’t agree with what Ashley’s sister Chrissy said to JP on the hometown date. “I don’t think he is for you,” her sister said. Chrissy thought JP was older and more reserved and Ashley was more fun. Ashley admitted to her family that she’d been having second thoughts.

But when they got to Fiji they made that connection and he finally told her “I love you”.

congrats to JP and Ashley!

Bachlorette + Finale

Will she pick JP or Ben? dummm dum dummmm….
Did she fall in LOVE?! The finale takes place in Denarau Islans Fiji with Ben and Vomo Island with JP. Who couldn’t fall in love in a place like that.

There’s been a lot of men who are jerks who are proud to be jerks. This season has been full of DUMB CHALLENGES. As a beautiful, smart woman, shouldn’t she have honed this jerk filter by now? well I sure hope so.

My pick is JP!

Whom will Ashley pick? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

JP or Ben?