Remodeling a bathroom {diy on a budget}

One of the things I love about our home is it was built in the 50’s but the one thing I could leave in the past was our bathroom. We all know the Pepto Bismol bathroom from the 50’s, pink sinks, pink bathrooms, and weird color combo tiles like our black and pink trim tiled wall. We wanted to revamp our bathroom but wanted to do a more affordable approach for now since we have plans of expanding onto the house one day.


So we found a way to do it with having to demo the whole entire bathroom. Instead of gutting and ripping out the tile and buying a new bathtub we decided our best bet was to paint the tile and tub white. All you have to do is prep the tile by sanding it with 120 grade sandpaper. Once the tiles are prepped, begin with an epoxy or urethane bonding prime.




And I must say its much brighter in there now too!



imageOh and this rain shower head by Waterpik has got to be the best part to the whole reno!!!!imageI am more than thrilled with how it turned out.



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