Glitter champagne bottles

I made these sparkly champagne bottles for my sisters bridal shower. I wanted to use them as a focal point on the bar as well as drink them too.

To get started.  I soaked all my bottles in water overnight in a cooler, this is so it would be easier to peel off the labels.  You want a smooth surface to work with. I had a little trouble with the sticky glue not coming off of the bottles so I used Goof off ( you can get this at any home improvement store)

After I peeled of my labels I spayed some of remover onto the bottle and was able to rid it of all paper and glue.

imageNow it’s time to apply the Mod Podge. Try to put in a thick coat and avoid too much streaks. After apply this at the base sprinkle on your glitter color of choice. I made a few of my first bottles gold but then decided I wanted them to be more rose gold.  So I added some pink glitter in with the gold and mixed it around evenly before sprinkling onto my bottle.  Do this over a piece of cardboard. That way any excess you just put back into your prepaid container and can reuse. The reason for this is you don’t want to have to make a new mixture because you won’t get the same exact color as the first batch. TRUST ME. I TRIED IT AND MADE A SORT OF OMBRÉ BOTTLE THAT WASNT REALLY OMBRÉ.

While it’s drying if you see any imperfections you can go over it by litghly tapping your finger and then take a dab of Mod Podge onto the affected area and sprinkle more glitter.  Don’t get disappointed. The bottles don’t have to be perfect.

Oh and if you don’t mind covering your whole body in glitter don’t do on a windy day.







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