Tips on using Vine App


Last week Twitter launched its app Vine. Its very similar to Instagram, but with video instead. Many of the Insta-grammers I follow made accounts. @LSpace swim, @Hello Apparel, @targetdoesitagain, and @Taza to name a few. I joined today and I have to say I like it. 

When creating your Vine video hold your finger down on the screen. As long as your finger is touching the screen it is recording.   It only allows you a 6 sec video clip so when I tried to make a video I ran out of time. I think the most successful videos are ones that are shot using a bunch of 1/100 sec clips. Think about it, if you want a bunch of content in your video you have to make each snippet quick and short.

Here are some tips other tips that helped me when using Vine.

Share your first post with the hashtag #firstpost this is the initiation post–everyone’s still getting the hang of 6 second video, and it’s fun to see who is joining.

Display Name. Keep your name the same as your Instagram account that way people have an easier time finding you!

Use Vine’s hashtags to make your posts more visible–and share your videos right away. On the explore page, Vine has a list of hashtags it automatically takes you to–these are the videos that are more likely to be seen.

Tap on a video to pause it. This is a quicker way to mute the sound oar stop content from playing.

Sound When recording make sure you are somewhere quiet or have something on in the background that compliments your video. 

You can find me at @Lauren Benoit

Happy Vining!!




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