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Well I’m in the last 12 days of my pregnancy and I can feel my body changing again. Not only am I peeing all day but as soon as I’m done peeing, 20 minutes later I ask did I make it to the restroom yet. That’s because my memory is more shot too. Oh and did I mention the crazy swelling in my feet finally taking place. Frank pointed that out this am. All we did was start laughing hysterically out loud.

Well I shot for 9 plus Bebe Mama magazine yesterday and the stylist asked my shoe size. I said 9.5. She said great we have 40’s (which are 10’s) Haaaa, these shoes felt like an 8. I could barely get my feet in. And for the boots they barely zipped up. My calves are even swollen. I really feel the pain today.

Pictures from yesterday’s shoot.