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I was just watching Brian Williams Nightly News and a story came on about 7-11’s new summer Slurpee lineup. Yes, I said line up. Here it is:

  • May    Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Mango
  • June   Slurpee:  Fanta: Watermelon Lime
  • July   Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana   Slurpee: Fanta Lemon Creme
  • August   Slurpee Lite:  Fanta Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade   Slurpee:  Fanta Orange Xplosion
So we ran out and got ourselves one

Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/slurpee-138567-sugar-dallas.html#ixzz1ut5snTeA