A Few Thoughts About My Pregnancy

1. Ugh boys names are so hard to come up with.

2. I seriously can’t get enough lycopene in my diet. Ok people if you don’t know what that is its found mainly in dishes prepared with tomatoes. Heence why I made Chicken Tikka Masala tonight which I will do a post of the recipe. Anyways tomorrow I have that glucose test you have to take when your pregnant.

I have never been a sweets person but all of a sudden I have been craving every type of sweets. I went to a friends baby shower and found myself eating all the fondant on the cupcakes. I mean are you kidding me, the same stuff that Cake Boss wraps his cakes in??  YUCK. So tonight I can’t have my dessert, as per doctors orders. I feel like because I was told I can’t I want it more. Meanwhile I can hear my boyfriend rummaging through the freezer and I yell out “DON’T EAT THAT IN FRONT OF ME” he said really, REALLY!!!! How freaking unfair.

3. Up until this past week I have been feeling great, tons of energy ! planting plants, hanging drapes in the babies room, and cleaning the floors like a mad women. I guess its all apart of nesting.

4. Glad I am starting to show, means i can work again! I know it sounds completely backwards! But I can now start doing maternity shoots! which is super exciting cause I want to have professional pictures of me while pregnant, but don’t want to organize them. So getting paid to shoot is a Win, Win !! crossing my finger I get booked real soon! I am getting kind of bored and am pretty much done with everything as far as the baby goes. I am waiting till after my baby shower to get any last minute items. i have been warned, DON’T BUY ANY CLOTHING BEFORE YOUR SHOWER. People tend to gift a lot of clothing! Its been hard to hold back, I have gotten a few items but nothing crazy!!


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