Wilde Greene is giving Whole Foods a run for its money.

Wilde & Greene is open continuously from early morning — for before work business and social meetings — through late-night as guests enjoy cocktails and small plate offerings at its beautiful rooftop patio during warm-weather months. Nutrition is a priority at Wilde & Greene, meaning healthy options such as vegetarian dishes are widely available for diners as they browse each of the 18 gourmet food and beverage stations featuring everything from French rotisserie and carving stations to Far East stir-fry and curry kitchen.

The Canadian based company has hit the states. Wilde Greene’s first location in the states set up shop in Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, IL just outside the city of Chicago.

I went to WG today for lunch for the first time. It was so overwhelming for us. We ending up getting 4 dishes which each item you order is enough for two. It is not considered a tapas, sort of sharing, place. However we love variety so let the ordering begin. Everyone dining is giving a gift card looking thingie which when you order something for different stations they swipe you card. when you complete your meal you bring the card to the cashier and pay for all your purchases.


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